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Fully comprehensive.

Retail value

We ensure that if anything goes wrong, you get your baby back with all its bells and whistles.

Accidental damage

Yep, it`s one of those days and you accidentally reverse your car into another vehicle.

Malicious damage

Someone at work doesn`t like your management style and your car gets it.


Come wind, rain, lightning, hail, snow, earthquake or flood, we`ve got you covered.

Fire and explosions

Sometimes life can be an action movie and you`re caught in the cross fire.

Theft and hijack

Someone is feeling sneaky and your car is right there for the taking.

In transit

When you`re on the go by road, railway, sea or air and something happens.

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Only pay for what you use.

We add up the days you`ve had your cover switched on and charge you at the end of the month. No bill confusion, no manual process - it`s all automatic. We accept credit and debit cards. Updating your card details is easy in the app.

Zero effort.

From sign up to claim, everything is done in the app. It`s that easy. You can even schedule the days you want cover on for. Now that`s what we call automotive automation.

Park your cover when you`re not driving.

But when you`re on the go you`re totally covered.

Santam Switch is a division of Santam. Santam is an authorised FSP (3416), a licensed non-life insurer and controlling company for its group companies.